Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Whisky Part 3 - Ardbeg and others

Seeing as the weather (snowy) is not conducive really to gardening, and I have a free weekday night, AND finally tomorrow is my next whisky night I decided to do another blog this evening with some more of my bottles of whisky.

I know how fascinated you all are about this part of my life.

As you will know if you are a regular reader, I am a massive fan of Islay whiskies. Today I am focusing on Ardbeg, probably my favourite of all the Islays to drink. I am also introducing a couple of bottles bought very cheap from Lidl or some such shop. Finally I have a collectors bottle, and the crown in my collection, which will be opened on the day my emigration plans come to full fruition.

So, without any further ado, here is the whisky.

 Ardbeg Almost There. Part of the brilliant concept Ardbeg came up with to build towards the first release of their new 10 year spirit. Ardbeg had been shut down for a long time before the distillery was brought back to life and these new expressions were started. This bottle was bought me by my best mate many years ago, and is so close to being finished. I can't bring myself to bottom it out though.

Ardbeg We've Arrived "Renaissance". This is the final part of the series mentioned above. This was also bought me by my best mate, and is lovely. I should drink this more but I have too many and forget about it. I will put that mistake right though soon.

Ardbeg Corryvreckan. This is the most recent Ardbeg that I have bought, picked up at a Whisky Lounge event a few months ago. This is an excellent dram and I would highly recommend it to any and all of you. If you are not aware, Ardbeg is one of the most heavily peated of all whiskies (ignoring crazy/special expressions produced by Port Charlotte and Bruichladdich like Octamore) but they manage to bring the peat, while retaining complexity and interest. This is not a harshly peated aggressive drink. It is wonderfully tasty.

Glen Marnoch 18 year. This was a bargain picked up purely down to price. Sadly (in my opinion at least) it lives up to that price and is a very disappointing drink. I like a whisky which I can savor, which when I drink has a start, a middle and (possibly 2-3 mins after the first taste) a satisfying and long end. This has a relatively promising start, but just disappears and never comes back. Oh well, one for the shelf and to give to people I don't like very much.

Glen Marnoch 24 year. This was bought with the previous bottle, but I have not tried it yet. Again, it was bought purely on price (£24 for a 24 year malt is not to be ignored) but I have very low hopes. Suppose that just means I won't be disappointed (I hope).

Clynelish Cask Strength. This is one of my "never to be drunk" bottles as this is signed by everyone who worked at the distillery at the time I visited. Clynelish is built on the same location as the legendary Brora distillery and what I wouldn't give for a bottle of Brora 25. Oh well, one can dream :)

Royal Lochnagar Special Reserve. This is the cherry on top of my whisky collection cake. When we visited the distillery we tried each of their bottles and this, by far the most expensive, was so outstanding and tasty we both bought a bottle. I am quite excited about tasting it again and hope my plans to get the f*ck out of this horrible country comes together very soon so I can.

There you are, another brief foray into my whisky collection.

I hope you enjoyed it, and I promise I'll be back to gardening updates next time.


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