Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowy snow man

I built myself a snow man!!!

As you can see it's a gardening snow man, with handy tools for hands. He also supports the Sale Sharks and is wear a communist fur hat because he can tell the direction this country is going on (hehe < /politics>)

Me with my snow man!

I had a lot of fun building this, but I struggled with making the head cos the snow kept sticking to my gloves, and I couldn't really roll the head into a nice round shape.

Oh well.

Anyway, remembering this is a gardening blog, I also took some pictures of the outside plants again.

Oooops I think the cloche isn't really meant to be under THIS much snow (the lettuces are probably growing under there somewhere)

More snow on cloches...

I am glad that I repositioned this cloche over the onions. There is a chance the plants (about 5 or 6) which managed to hide under the cloche will be ok. I very much doubt the seedlings which are now totally covered with snow will survive.

Anyway, that was my attempt to pretend this update is about gardening, and nothing to do with my SNOW MAN!

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