Saturday, 19 January 2013

Icy Update

As we withstand this icy blast I figured I'd pop outside and see how my little plants are doing.

Today is snowy, but it's not as cold as before but everything is still frozen, including the soil which the seedlings are attempting to thrive in. It was so frozen that I could not even put the tent pegs back in to hold down the cloches, so I'll have to hope there is no high winds before the thaw.

Anyway, let's get to the pictures.

The lettuce cloche, doing it's job and keeping the snow and cold off the seedlings.

Little lettuce seedlings; these are struggling particularly if you consider that we would have been eating these by this stage, if they had been planted in summer. They are still going though, bless them.

Broccoli cloche, less snowed on after I moved it to attempt to hang the thai boxing bag.

The Broccoli seems to be doing OK so far; the cloche is perfectly sized for the pot and has really sealed well to keep cold away.

Unfortunately you cannot say the same for the smaller cloche on the Onions, in the triangular pot. This picture was taken after I poured a little bit of water over the frozen soil to try and loosen it a bit.

The Broccoli on the left, and Onion on the right. You can see how the cloche on the onions is too small for the planter. One lesson learned there.

My watering can, totally frozen solid.

The nozzle of the watering can frozen right to the very end. Suffice to say I had to use a receptacle from inside for pouring water on my onions.

Just in case this update has left you feeling cold and icy, I have also seen that the Citrus tree has had a sudden spurt of growth.

Top left is a large amount of new growth from the Citrus Tree. It also has three oranges on it, which I will probably eat this weekend and report back on next time.

So there you have it, the seedlings are not dead (yet) and the cloches appear to be doing their jobs.

Keep growing.

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