Sunday, 27 January 2013

After the snow has melted....

When I went to bed last night the snow was still several inches thick everywhere but, as was forecast, over night the rain came down and this morning all the snow was melted.

Including most of my snow man:

This is all that is left of my gardening snow man; oh well.

Anyway, the exciting part is that I have been out to check on my little seedlings and they (appear) to have survived that icy blast just fine.

The lettuce is looking the worst of the lot; I appear to have lost a couple of the seedlings which had originally sprouted, but I still have 4 little green things sticking out so fingers crossed they will now flourish and I can start eating freshly picked lettuce again - god I miss that taste!

The onions look a little sickly but I am most impressed to see that it seems like one of the plants which missed out on protection from the cloche even survived!!! wow!

The broccoli is the most healthy looking, but it hasn't really changed much in the last 3 weeks. I suppose that is hardly surprising though, considering it has been buried under several inches of snow all that time.

So there you have it, the cloches seem to have done their job (and one seedling survived even without a cloche).  I think I may start another set of each of these off in the next month or so, just see about timings. My feeling at the moment is yes, they have survived, but no they are not far enough along to have justified the expense of cloching them over.

To round this update off, I have pictures of my inside plants.

The Coriander. I have now moved this from the front room up onto the windowsill next to the Citrus tree. I like this picture because it shows how the slightly wonky growth is attempting to grow back towards the light. Incredible.

Citrus tree, complete with very nice looking oranges. I really must try eating them one of these days :) The new growth is really obvious in this picture too. I just hope we can manage to pack this and transport it successfully when we finally emigrate.

Last but not least, the mint. We normally have the blinds drawn behind this and you can again see the imperative that a plant has for the light, as the growth is extending so it can reach the gap between the blinds. This will have to put situated outside as soon as the weather improves. It smells amazing when you just brush a leaf too.

So there you are, the snow does not appear to have killed my outdoor plants, and my indoor ones are going very well indeed.

I hope you enjoyed my update.

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