Thursday, 12 September 2013


I have been looking out of my kitchen window at my Potatoes for the last few weeks thinking "mmm they were tasty last time, I really should get another harvest in" and today, finally, I built up the momentum to get out there and dig them all up.

What a great success it was too!

Here are some pictures I took whilst harvesting.

Here is a Potato just nestling in the soil waiting to be extracted gently and eaten. Mmmmmm

Here I am harvesting the Potatoes. They are so easy to get, you just push your hands in and pull them out. I could probably have harvested just enough for tonight and left the rest but I got excited.

I got some big ones and some little ones.

This one did not look very good. I decided to just throw it onto the left over pile. The next people in this house are going to get a treat as all this good compost is being thrown under the bushes where the soil is frankly not very good at all.

I pulled all of these Potatoes out of the ground! This is a lot more than the last time I harvested.

I've washed all the Potatoes and put them in this bowl. I won't be eating all of these tonight though, that's for sure.

Home grown Mint in the pan with the Potatoes.

The other idea I had today was to use some of the Mint in with some oil, mash it up a bit, and then coat the Lamb Steaks with this Mint Oil.

Chopped Mint leaves and olive oil in my pestle.

The Mint Oil spread on the Lamb Steak.

And here is my dinner; absolutely beautiful with a hint of mint on the Lamb (it would have been better if I'd had this idea last night and marinaded them in the mint oil, but you live and learn; next time) and the Potatoes tasted so very lovely indeed.

Finally, can someone help me identify what these are on this Potato. I have a few which are covered in them; they appear to only be on the skin and scrape off quite easily but I didn't want to eat just in case it would be bad for me :)

A load of weird growths on the outside of the Potato.

So there you are, what a pleasure to be eating my own home grown Potatoes, and to have grown so many I have enough for more than one meal from this bag.

Keep up your own growing people!

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  1. It could be silver scruf or black dot, not quite sure. I would just peel it and eat the potato :)