Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Fruiting Progress

Well it's been longer than planned (as it normally is) since the last blog post but I am back for a short, but very sweet, update.

I will go straight to the pictures:

The Crossley Special Chillis, which have been fruiting spectacularly, have now started to ripen with many of them turning red. This one is a particularly interesting shape so I figured I'd take a picture.

The Moneymaker Tomatoes have started to develop some more fruit, these are tiny and towards the top of the plant.

The fruit which has been showing on the plant for longest is now starting to ripen too.

The larger of the two Geraniums has put up a stalk and I suddenly noticed, the other day, a flower has appeared at its tip. I am watching this now with interest.

The plant which is fairing best on the back windowsill is, unsurprisingly, the Mint. Mint plants like slightly shaded areas, and are also quite thirsty and what I am doing for this is obviously correct as it has flourished.

Last but not least the couple of herbs still on the kitchen window sill are surviving both the non-ideal location, and depredations caused by us eating them.

Anyway, that is the update for today; short but sweet I think you have to agree.

It is too hot for me to spend more time looking at a laptop in the evening.


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