Saturday, 18 May 2013

Staking Up Chillis plus progress

I have been staring at the Crossley Special chillis for the last few weeks thinking they were getting close to requiring staking up so they don't fall over (and, as a side-thought also doing the same for the Moneymaker Tomato plants but I also need to pot them up and today I'm not doing that) and today I dragged myself into action to do this.

I've also got some good progress to report so I'll crack on with this update right away.

This is the first Crossley Special to receive the staking up treatment; those little plastic ties which I bought from Wilko's last year are really proving very useful and they are confirmed at the top of my "things you should buy that are really simple but really awesome".

Three of the Crossley Specials nicely staked and enjoying a rare glance of some sun.

Now some updates, starting with those self same Crossley Special Chillis

Every Crossley Special now has little flower pods starting to develop, this was the best picture I could get of one and I am very excited by this; it looks like they are going to be fruitful once again.

The first flower has opened on the Moneymaker Tomatoes and you can see that there are other flowers developing on this plant; this is actually the one which fell on the floor twice (as described earlier in the blog, regular readers will recognise) but it is the first to reach flower stage (though it is shorter than the other plant.

The late starting Gardeners Delight is now starting to really live up to its name and is developing fast. The other seed has not shown any progress at all yet though.

The other Moneymaker Tomato is very tall, but no flowers yet; I am thinking this could be because the other one has much more light, so this is trying to grow so it gets more. Maybe I will move this one onto a front wall window where the light is better and see if it gets stubbier, but with flowers.

The Geraniums have started showing some patterns on their leaves; I'm interested to see how these continue to change and develop over the next few weeks.

Very spikey Globe Artichoke leaves standing proud; this really is an incredible plant to watch grow and I can't wait to have a whole load of these plants. I am reading "The Self Sufficient Gardener" by John Seymour at the moment and these are apparently perennials which you can let settle over winter and will come back; sounds like my kind of plant.

Most excitingly (and once again proving that patience really does pay off) the other Globe Artichoke seedling looks like it is finally poking through! I will be keeping a very close eye on this.

A top down view of the stars of my previous blog, the poor little Birdseye Chillis. One thing however; can you spot what might be fresh growth on these little blighters.

I appear to be having 100% success so far with the Peppers; all the seedlings have now shown up for the party. I know this is very late to start these, but never mind. I'm still saving seeds from peppers I eat.

These are the seed grown Coriander looking very leggy and not very edible; I think these should have been put out into the garden ages ago; now they are busy producing seeds.

Finally for this update another shot of the Begonias growing in pots still on the spare room windowsill.

So there you have it; my most excitement is either the Tomato flower or the fact the second Globe Artichoke is finally starting to show green.

Keep growing, keep reading.


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