Monday, 13 May 2013

Potatoes showing green plus other outdoor progress

For some very boring reason I won't bother you with I had to go into the back garden today and, as is my wont, I went round the plants to see what progress I can spot and, wouldn't you know, something exceptionally exciting has occurred. As is also my wont, I went and grabbed my camera and have done this blog for you.

So... the big news is (not that it's given away by the blog title but yeah....).....

I have some potatoes showing green!

Here are the pictures as evidence:

The Rocket Potatoes are the ones showing the most so far; there are actually four plants poking through but I couldn't get them all in shot inside the bag. I am quite excited indeed.

The other Potato showing is the Maris Piper, but only this solitary little splash of green is evident in this bag.

The Charlotte Potatoes are not showing at all yet, but hopefully they are very close to breaking through also.

While I was outside I took the opportunity to take pictures of everything else... obviously... so:

The Lettuce is now growing fast and soon will be eatable; I should plant some more really.. I keep saying that don't I....

The Carrot is still outside and does not look like it is doing too badly; this is one experiment I hope has some good results....

The Parsnip is similar to the Carrots; not doing anything amazing but not dead, yet.

Unfortunately in the week I had a bit of a disaster with the Onion; something (probably that damn cat) had knocked the planter over and there was soil all over the ground, with some of the Onion spikes out too; I was able to save it and stand it upright and this, taken just now and a few days after that discovery, appears to show that they have survived. It is also evidence of just how well they have started growing.

The Broccoli continues to be the outside plant which is doing the best and is now really thriving.

The Shop bought Chives which  I planted out is doing ok; well it's not dead yet at least.

A similar story with the shop bought Coriander which had been picked to death to feed me... hopefully it will settle in and do what my old one did at the old house.

Last but not least, the very unhappy looking Foxglove. The same day I went out and found that the Onions had been spread over the yard I noticed that it looked like this had been dug up by something... I'm suspecting the same cat (which woke me up in the night last night howling; you can guess it's not my favourite creature right now huh)... I have re-bedded it in and it does look a little happier now but yeah; maybe this should have been planted outside later and not coddled in the heated propagator.

Anyway, there you have my update.

Thanks for reading

Keep Growing your Own

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