Monday, 29 April 2013

The Self Watering Planters

As I was going around this morning doing my normal morning watering routine I spotted something very exciting indeed.

The Gardeners Delight tomatoes, which have up until now shown absolutely no sign whatsoever of ever germinating, has suddenly got one seedling!

I planted two, and the other one is still showing nothing, but I am very excited about this.

It really is an excellent advert for the efficacy of the Self Watering Planter that I am using; because the Moneymaker Tomatoes had started so many weeks previously I have ignored the two containing the non-responsive Gardeners Delight but, because they are self watering, the compost remained moist and now I have a little plant to make me so happy.

The tiny Gardeners Delight Tomato seedling taken this morning, to much celebration.

The obvious success this demonstrates gave me the inspiration to do a blog post study of one of the Self Watering Planters (actually the one which contains the Moneymaker which has been on the floor twice).

So here you can see how, two months in, my Self Watering Planters are looking.

As I was warned by my mate, there is quite a lot of algae developed in the bottom of the planter; I'm using tap water and this is not so thickly coated that it isn't easy to clean if you want to.

This particular planter is stood in a warm area of the house, which receives regular direct sunlight. You can see that the water in the bottom has started to evaporate however, as the reservoir is sealed, the water condenses on the sides and collects once again; I have only had to refill these once in two months.

You can see the root system of the Tomato plant here, as the plant fills all the space available to it. There is also some green algae in the compost but this does not seem to be causing any problems to the plant. I am presuming this is down to the fact the wick keeps the soil very moist at all times.

Finally, as I move up the planter, this is the incredibly healthy plant which is growing in this 2 litre bottle.It is amazing to me how well this has grown.

And this is the full height of the plant in it's planter.

So there you are; I cannot recommend this homemade Self Watering Planter highly enough; it recycles waste and allows you to grow amazing plants with minimal effort - ticks all the boxes for me :)

Cheers for reading...

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