Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Chickens... and egg boxes

The date of the big move the new house is fast approaching...

Last weekend myself and my girlfriend went past the house and yes, once again, it looks ideal for both growing a certain amount of produce, composting and recycling for our own benefit, and potentially having chickens - indeed there was a small cage type thing that certainly looks like chickens have been kept there before.

Any and all specific planning for this experiment has been put on the back burner while we pack our stuff from the old cottage and get ourselves transported over to the new place however, I have made one specific plan.

For the last few months I've been saving ALL our egg boxes and they have been packed so when we arrive, if I do decide to compost I have some ideal "brown" and also, if we get chickens and when eggs arrive we will be set up for storing them.

This is my tip for the day then - if you are planning on getting chickens, save your egg boxes in the months before you get them.



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