Monday, 5 August 2013

Potatoes and Mint

Two blogs in two days!!!

I know... how unusual...

Well I've got a really good reason for the unexpected blog today. I chose to cook and I decided to make use of the Maris Piper Potatoes (as I had no idea if anything was happening apart from lots of green growth.

This is a blog about what I did...

The Maris Piper Potato plant(s) in their silly bags. I really do wish I'd done the Potato Planter idea (linked to in the blog before this one) it is something I am definitely going to do as soon as I arrive in Bulgaria.

I started off by digging my hand in and pulling the root crop out but eventually got fed up and just upended the soil onto a plant bed and sorted through it by hand:

This was the yield. Not great for about five seed potatoes and all the time they have been in the ground. I think maybe I haven't watered them enough... Apparently they are very thirsty plants. Something to think about next year.

Here are the plants, laid across the top of the soil which has been fully searched through. I'm sure I could hav done this less invasively, again any hints or tips please do comment below.

While I was searching through the soil I came across loads of egg casings like these, just below the surface...

I have washed the Potatoes and they are sitting here ready to be put in the pan.

A couple of leaves from the Mint. Finally I am getting to use it, having encouraged it to grow so strongly.

The Potatoes and Mint leaves bubbling away nicely on the heat.

The rest of dinner, one rump and one rib eye steak, and some rounds of onions, fried in oil with a dash of paprika for flavour.

The excellently (if I say so myself) cooked Potatoes pulled out of the water and drained ready for serving....

... and the finished meal.

Let me tell you, those Potatoes were some of the nicest I have ever tasted. The slight touch of mint just added to the flavour and as I sit here typing this I can still taste the bite of mint lingering long after the meal.

God I love eating food I have grown!

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