Monday, 17 June 2013

Different stages of the Chilli fruiting

I've had another few busy weeks so haven't had that much chance to do any updates on here however I have got round to taking some pictures for a series I have wanted to do.

My Crossley Special Chillis have been growing very well; probably the best of all (apart from the potatoes but that is for another update).

I now have Chilli fruits in all stages of growth so, for your delectation, here is a photo blog of that process:

This is a new flower starting to show on the Crossley Special Chilli plant.

Another flower but this one open and ready for insemination.

This flower has been fertilised and so the flower has gone brown and is dropping off, while the base of the flower is turning into a Chilli.

Here we have three Chillis growing showing that sometimes the dead flower stays attached to the bottom of the fruit.

Finally another more mature Chilli which has managed to grow down through the plastic ring used to stake the plant up.

So there you have it.

I have one other picture to show you, some good classic Tomato porn:

I now have two tomatoes on one of the Moneymaker's; you can see, similar to the Chillis, that the dead flower has stuck to the bottom of the fruit.

So, I do have LOADS of other things to update you on, like the potatoes have gone INSANE and grown huge (wish I had done the wooden planter design this year now but never mind... I'll not get as much crop as I could have done but it still proves last year was just bad luck) and I also have a tiny Gardeners Delight tomato plant (very late in the year now, I doubt I'll get much off of them).

Keep growing, and keep reading.



  1. thank you, i needed to see the sequence. my pepper flowers looked pretty healthy but now one has started to look dead(ish) so i am very worried.

    1. Yeah, if there is a bulge at the base after a day or so, you have fruit :) the flower is just to attract pollination :)